Friday, March 03, 2006

blogging is tough work!

Ok, so I've not blogged anything on my travel blog, shame on me, but instead have been taking loads of photos. Check them out @

I'm currently in Sydney, Australia, hanging out with Tink & Guy @ the WebDU conference. Bit of a culture shock after the beaches, and expensive too! And although it's a lot nicer than back home still, it feels pretty cold here to!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Two steps forward... step back (in time)! Quick post as I'm sitting in Dubai airport and have just found something pretty unbelievable... all access to Flickr is blocked for the whole of Dubai!!!

For a nation promoting itself as a progressive, internet savvy location to do business in the 21st century I can't believe it.... in my book any censorship of the internet is wrong, full stop.

I guess this is because there is the chance you may stumble upon pictures of ladies in bathing suits etc. Sorry, but thats pretty fekin backwards in my book and has shattered any nice ideas I may have had of coming to work here. (all) Religion sucks (sweeping offensive statement of the day :)

So the Dubai photos will have to wait 'till I get to Thailand (where porn is also highly illegal but you can by a girl on any street corner... funny old world innit?)

edit: had a few hours to kill in the airport so did a bit of digging...apparently Dubai isn't the utopian crime free society the tour guides make out... some interesting reading here and here, and an interesting video here ... who ever would have thunk it?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ready, Set...

GO! And we're almost off, flying out this evening at 8:30 by Emirates. Couple of days stop off in Dubai (bloody expensive hotels!) then on to Bangkok. A week or so stop in Bangkok (get to meet my sisters Thai boyfriend 'Chai'), hopefully I'll enjoy it a bit more than the last time I visited where I found it to be a big dirty sweaty city and wasn't that impressed...I'll let you know...

I'm fully 'jabbed' up and should be pretty invincible for a few years.... Hepatitis (A&B), Diptheria, tetanus, polio, typhoid & rabies...nice!

Guess I should also publicly admit that, in a fit of over ambition I bought a heart rate monitor the other day with the intention of trying to start running (or something vaguely energetic) while I'm away to get a bit fitter (anyone who knows me will probably be rolling around laughing by now). My heart rate is a quite worrying 90 at rest, so I really must do something!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

First Post!

Woohoo, new adventure new blog!

Welcome, if you don't know me I'm Adz, and I'm off in just two days (Jan 17th 2006) to Thailand for a currently unknown amount of time. (Thailand used to be called Siam, hence the corney blog title...'Adz I am' / 'Adz (in) Siam'... yeah whatever ;)

So, I've packed in my relatively high paid new-media job in London after 5 years (see my old blog @ ), have a wee bit of money in the bank (always intended to put towards that house I can never quite afford, that'll have to wait a while!) and am now basically heading of for a spot of R&R somewhere hot where my money will go as far a possible. When will I be back in London? Who knows... when my money runs out or I get bored of doing nothing I guess :)

Until then I'm going to try to keep this blog updated with my thoughts and pictures as regularly as possible (electricity and web access is supposed to be patchy on some islands so dont expect a post every day!). Jayne has very graciously lent me her digital camera, so keep an eye on my thailand flickr set

Until I see you all again... Sa Wat Dee!